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ACCU LUNG II Portable Precision Test Lung

Used for evaluating ventilator performance, ACCU LUNG II is a certified lung simulator with a minimal footprint.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Small, lightweight and portable
  • User-selectable compliance and resistance settings
  • Calibrated accuracy for both resistance and compliance
  • Complies with IEC standard for breathing- circuit connection
  • Certified test lung for test system traceability to standards

The ACCU LUNG precision test lungs are used for evaluating ventilator performance according to clinical expectation and manufacturers’ specification.

ACCU LUNG Precision Test Lungs are portable units that can be hung from a cart, the ventilator itself, or hand-held, thus presenting a zero footprint.

Account for test lung compliance using a VT650 or VT900A Gas Flow Analyzer to be confident in your test results.

Datasheet Click to download

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