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BP Pump 2 NIBP Blood Pressure Simulator

The BP Pump 2 NIBP Blood Pressure Simulator for testing adult and neonatal non-invasive blood pressure monitors.

The BP Pump 2 provides dynamic blood pressure simulations for testing adult and neonatal non-invasive blood pressure monitors, including both arm and wrist cuff types, and features a preset mode for simulation of most patient conditions and the capability to program user-defined simulations.

Key Features

  • Dynamic simulations for arm and wrist cuff monitors
  • Physiological waveform
  • Internal pump for use in high- and low-pressure release verification, leak testing and pressure sourcing
  • Preset mode for simulation of most patient conditions
  • User-definable systolic and diastolic values, along with heart rate, pulse volume and user-defined auto-sequences
  • Internal cuff volume for basic device testing
  • Respiratory artifacts, including spontaneous breathing and controlled ventilation
  • Arrhythmia simulations, including premature atrial contractions #1 and #2, atrial fibrillation, and PVCs
  • PC based ansur test automation system to standardize testing protocol and documentation (optional)
  • Dynamic pressure repeatability within 2 mmHg at maximal pulse size independent of device under test

BP Pump 2 NIBP Blood Pressure Simulator

BP Pump 2 tests for leaks, measures static pressure, generates pressure, and tests over-pressure valves. For improved testing versatility, the analyzer’s recently upgraded waveform test suite includes additional physiological selections. BP Pump 2 also includes an optional five-lead synchronized ECG simulations to test monitors that monitor patients ECG.

BPPUMP2L-UK250V (2394964)

BPPUMP2L Vital Signs Simulator Includes:

  • Operator’s Manual
  • Accessory Kit (tubings and fittings) (2391882)
  • Power Cord

Miscellaneous Accessories


Molded Insert (part# 2222831)


5382001 ECG Post Cap (part# 2231336)


Adult Cuff Mandrel End Block (part# 2392370) (2 required)


Adult Cuff Mandrel Spacer Block (part# 2392381) (2 required)


ECG Adapter Block (allows simulation of 5-lead ECG waveforms) (for use with BP Pump 2) (part# 2391894)


Neonatal/External Cuff Mandrel, truncated plastic cylinder diameters: 7.6 cm, 10 cm, and 14 cm (part# 2392328) (for use with BP Pump 2/CuffLink)


Stainless Compression Spring (part# 2231349)


Terminal Post Connector (part# 2084595)


Wrist Cuff Mandrel, Adult (part# 2391875)



Dual 9DF serial cable (part# 2204472)


Parallel printer cable, D25M to C36M (part# 2238072)


RS232 Interface cable (DB9M to DB25F) (part# 2238659)

Carrying Cases


Soft vinyl carrying case (part# 2222822)


Hard-sided carrying case (part# 2392525)



Printer paper DPU-414 and DPU-411 (part# 2248737)(minimum 7 rolls – price is per roll)


Printer, SEIKO DPU-414-30B (part# 2248899)Includes 120V PWR Supply (part# 2235375)(requires additional purchase of parallel printer cable, part# 2238072)for use with ESA601/IDA 4 Plus/Index 2XL/QED 6/BP Pump 2


Printer, Seiko DPU-414-30B with 220 V power supply (part# 2399531) (requires additional purchase of serial printer cable (part# 3370513)

Ansur BP Pump 2 Plug-In license

Datasheet Click to download

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