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Impulse 6000D Defibrillator Analyzer and Tester

The Impulse 6000D model is a Defibrillator Analyzer is a portable, rugged, easy-to-carry device with an intuitive user interface, backlight and easy-to-read display. With functionality that includes energy output measurement and ECG wave testing, the Impulse 6000D features 10 independent ECG outputs that provide 12 lead combinations for standardized clinical signals.

Key Features

  • IEC 60601-2-4 Compliance
  • Lown, Edmark, trapezoidal, biphasic and pulsed-biphasic defibrillation technology compatibility
  • AED compatibility
  • 12-lead ECG simulation
  • Internal pacer brand selections
  • Flexible heart-rate settings (1BPM step)
  • DSP-based measurements for firmware and waveform upgrade
  • Waveform capture, store and replay
  • First-in-class accuracy ± 1% of reading + 0.1J
  • Long lasting, rechargeable battery

Ensure superior performance with the Impulse 6000D Defibrillator Analyzer

The Impulse 6000D Defibrillator Analyzer ensures proper operation and ultimate performance of critical life-support cardiac-resuscitation equipment, including mono- and bi-phasic defibrillators and AEDs. These best-in-class defibrillators offer test capabilities that encompass a global spectrum of established pulse shapes, feature breakthrough AED technology compatibility, and deliver superior performance with accuracy readings ± 1% of reading +0.1J.

Ansur test automation may be purchased in order to standardize test procedures, capture waveforms and test results, and evolve with increasing requirements for electronic data storage.

*Please Note: The Impulse 6000D is not compatible with the 7010 Load Accessory

All models include:

  • USB Computer Communication Cable (cable assembly)
  • User Manual CD (CD-ROM)
  • Getting Started Guide (Manual)
  • Battery Eliminator (country specific)
  • Defib Paddle Contact Plates (FBC-IMP7000-8010)
  • Carrying Case (soft case)

Impulse 6000D

Impulse 6000D Defibrillator Analyzer 120 V – US


I6/7 D/P ADPT101

GE Marquette defib/pacer adapter (part# 3065423)(RESPONDER1500/1700 Series) (set of two) 4mm

I6/7 D/P ADPT104

Medtronic ERS/Physio-Control Defib/Pacer adapter (part# 3065461)(QUIK COMBO) 4mm

I6/7 D/P ADPT107

Philips/Agilent/HP Defib/Pacer adapter (part# 3065492)(CODEMASTER Series-Round) 4mm

I6/7 D/P ADPT108

Philips/Agilent Defib/Pacer adapter (part# 3065509)HEARTSTART FR2/MRX 4mm

I6/7 D/P ADPT109

Zoll Medical PD2200 Multi-Function Series electrodes (part# 3065511)


FBC-IMP7000-8010 defib plate (part# 3156262) *Each unit requires two.

I6/7 D/P ADPT102

Internal discharge paddle contacts (2) (4mm) (part# 3065438)

I6/7 D/P ADPT103

Kimberly Clark/R2 Darox MRL/MDE/NK: 4 mm defibrillator adapters (part# 3065450)

I6/7 D/P ADPT106

MedtronicERS/Physio-Control (part# 3065489)(FAST PATCH) (set of two) 4mmfor Impulse 6000D/7000DP

I6/7 D/P ADPT105

Medtronic ERS/Physio-Control pacer adapter (part# 3065477)(QUIK PACE) (set of two): 4 mm

I6/7 D/P ADPT110

Zoll Medical NTP/PD1400:4 mm pacer adapters (part# 3065527)

Ansur Impulse 6000D/7000DP Plug-In license

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