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ProSim 4 Vital Sign and ECG Simulator

Featuring specialized stay-connected ECG posts to ensure secure lead connections and no-hassle testing, the Fluke ProSim 4 is perfect for on-call BMET professionals troubleshooting patient monitors throughout a hospital facility and as a grab-and-go portable tester.

Key Features

  • Accurate/repeatable 12-lead ECG, respiration, IBP and physiologically-relevant NIBP testing
  • 90% smaller and lighter than combined technology of single-function testing tools
  • Breakthrough touchscreen technology
  • One-tap testing for most performance tests and checks
  • Easy quick-check patient monitor testing in one minute or less with onboard pre-sets and auto sequences
  • Integrated, rechargeable battery capable of running quick checks all day
  • Stay-connected ECG posts for secure lead connections
  • Repeatable NIBP testing within 2 mmHg independent of device under test
  • Multi-language user interface offers choice of language selection
  • Tilt stand design for operation in tight spaces and better viewing angle

ProSim 4 Vital Signs Patient Monitor Simulator

Designed to get you in and out of most locations in 60 seconds, this quick-check device tests 12-lead ECG, respiration, IBP, NIBP with an easy touchscreen menu designed for troubleshooting fast. It is 90 % smaller and lighter than single-function patient simulators, provides one-tap testing for most patient monitor checks, and runs all day on a single battery charge. The Fluke Biomedical ProSim line of patient monitor testers are compatible with patient monitors by original equipment manufacturers such as: * GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Spacelabs Healthcare, Nihon Kohden, Welch Allyn, and Draeger (Dräger). * Brand and tradenames remain the property of their respective owners. Usage does not imply an endorsement. Multi-language user interface available in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Italian, and Chinese.

ProSim 4 (3985174)

ProSim 4 Vital Signs Simulator Includes:

  • ProSim 4 Getting Started Manual (3931478)
  • ProSim 4 User’s Manual CD (3931519)
  • Manual Inflation Bulb (2461946)
  • Set of NIBP Cuff Adapters (2391882)
  • ProSim 4 Battery Pack (4026823)
  • ProSim 4 Power Supply
  • ProSim 4 Line Cord UK
  • ProSim 4 Carrying Case (4026799)

Cables (IBP)


3010-0104 EM-1 BP cable (6ft) (6-pin) (part# 2198893)


3010-0103 Datascope DS-1 BP cable (part# 2198887)


3010-0307 FD-2 BP cable (12M) (12-pin orange) (part# 2199387)


GE Marquette Medical MQ-3 BP cable (rectangular -11 M) (part# 2199627)


3010-0584 DX-1 BP cable (10F) (10-pin) (part# 2200955)


QM-1 (6M) Blood pressure cable (10-pin orange) (part# 2198925


Siemens-SM-1, BP cable


3010-0076 TK-1 (6M) BP Cable (part# 2198879)

Batteries, Chargers, Power Supplies


Power Supply – for ProSim 4 and SPOT Light (part# 3978380)


BPPS4 ProSim 4 Battery Pack (part# 4026823)


4034393 Data Transfer cable

Miscellaneous Accessories

3984878PS4 ACC KIT

ProSim 4 Accessory Kit (part# 3984878) includes:Universal Unter BP Cable (part# 2392173)HP/Philips Intellivue IBP cable (part# 2198902)GE Marquette Eagle/Dash/Solar IBP cable (part# 2199627)Welch Allyn Propaq/SpaceLabs Ultraview IBP cable (part# 2198879)NIBP Mandrel Set (part# 4308086)USB cableSpare Battery pack (part# 4026823)ECG Snap/banana adapter


ProSim 4 Carrying Case (part# 4026799)


MANDREL-5001 ProSim NIBP Mandrel Set (part# 4308086)


Adapter-4mm to snap connector set (2 sets required) (part# 4026551)


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