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ProSim 8 Vital Sign and ECG Patient Simulator

The industry-leading Fluke ProSim 8 patient simulator enables you to complete preventive maintenance testing with one device in less than five minutes, reducing average test time by up to 88%. The ProSim 8 patient simulator is also ideal for design engineers looking for a known physiological signal output.

Key Features

  • All-in-one patient simulator 80% smaller and 17 lbs./7.7 kilos lighter than single function simulator test tools
  • 8-in-1 multifunction patient simulator is a combination ECG simulator, fetal simulator, arrhythmia simulator, respiration simulator, temperature simulator, IBP simulator, cardiac output simulator, cardiac catheterization simulator, NIBP simulator, SpO2 tester, and is the premier SpO2 simulator to test Rainbow multi-wavelength waveforms
  • Stay-connected ECG posts for easy/secure ECG snap and lead connections
  • Custom SpO2 R-curve for accurate testing of the latest and future oximetry technologies
  • Static pressure linearity testing
  • Repeatable NIBP simulation for dynamic pressure repeatability testing
  • Physiologically synchronized pulses across all parameters
  • Barcode scanning and direct data capture and printing functionality
  • Onboard, customizable patient pre-sets and auto sequences for fast/easy testing
  • Multi-language user interface offers choice of language selection
  • Integrated, easily-replaceable long-life battery
  • Optional PC-interface software offers customizable procedures/checklists and automated data capture/storage
  • Wireless communication for remote PC control of test device, as well as data transfer and automated regulatory reporting

Get the all-in-one multifunction vital signs simulator.

Designed to make comprehensive patient monitor testing fast and easy, ProSim 8 vital signs simulator offers total patient monitor quality and safety testing from non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) static pressure linearity and dynamic pressure repeatability tests, EC13 and ACLS ECG waveforms, to complete Nellcor and Nonin SpO2 low perfusion and Masimo Rainbow SET. Featuring specialized stay-connected ECG posts to ensure secure lead connections, ProSim 8 is the preferred tester for patient monitor quality assurance and safety professionals.

The ProSim 8 tests ECG (including fetal ECG/IUP and arrhythmias), respiration, temperature, IBP/cardiac catheterization, cardiac output, NIBP, and SpO2 (including Masimo multi-wavelength Rainbow SET)s in a single 5-minute PM testing tool. Wireless PC communication, customized presets, auto-sequences, barcode scanning, onboard memory, direct data capture, printing functions and single-step adjustability maximizes testing productivity; a customized carry case doubles as a mobile workstation. The Fluke Biomedical ProSim line of patient monitor testers are compatible with patient monitors by original equipment manufacturers such as: * GE Healthcare, Philips Healthcare, Spacelabs Healthcare, Nihon Kohden, Welch Allyn, and Draeger (Dräger). * Brand and trade names remain the property of their respective owners. Usage does not imply an endorsement. Multi-language user interface available in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Italian, and Chinese.

 Prosim8 (3979427)


8 Getting Started Manual (3980667)

ProSim 8 User’s Manual (3980671)

ProSim 8 Battery Pack (4021085)

USB Cable (4034393)

IBP Cable, unterminated (2392173)

ProSim 8 Carrying Case (4034597)

ProSim NIBP MANDREL SET (4308086)

AC/DC Power Supply AC Power cord USA Ansur demo CD-ROM

ProSim SPOT (3985658)

ProSim SpO2 Test Module

ProSim RAINBOW (4034609)


Cables (IBP)


3010-0104 EM-1 BP cable (6ft) (6-pin) (part# 2198893)


Nihon Kohden-NK-1 BP cable (5M) (5-pin) (part# 2462263)


3010-0103 Datascope DS-1 BP cable (part# 2198887)


3010-0307 FD-2 BP cable (12M) (12-pin orange) (part# 2199387)


GE Marquette Medical MQ-3 BP cable (rectangular -11 M) (part# 2199627)


HP-3 BP cable (12M 5\u00b5V) 120 in, Mini-DIN to 12 pin HP/PH (part# 2198902)


3010-0111 HP-4 BP cable (12M 40\u00b5V) (part# 2198916)


3010-0122 GE Marquette Medical MQ-2 (8M round) (7-pin) (part# 2198978)


Nihon Kohden Mini DIN to DIN IBP Adapter (part# 3408564)


3010-0116 PC-1 BP cable (6M) (6-pin) (part# 2198940)


3010-0584 DX-1 BP cable (10F) (10-pin) (part# 2200955)


QM-1 (6M) Blood pressure cable (10-pin orange) (part# 2198925)


Siemens-SM-1, BP cable


3010-0076 TK-1 (6M) BP Cable (part# 2198879)

HPT-2 Temperature Cable Adapter

(part# 2199257) Model #3010-0285 HPT-2 Temperature Cable Adapter, Hewlett Packard, 2 pin (YSI 400 series)

ProSim 8 Cable Kits


Drager Infinity Cable Set (part# 3984993) for ProSim 8 includes:

  • SM-1 BP Cable (part# 2198925, two)
  • UT-4,Low profile 1/4 inch phone plug
  • YSI 400 Series Compatible 2 conductor (part# 2523334)
3984968PS8 GE CABLES

GE Marquette Eagle/Dash/Solar Cable Set (part# 3984968) for ProSim 8 includes:

  • MQ-3 BP Cable (part# 2199627, two)
  • UT-4,Low profile 1/4 inch phone plug
  • YSI 400 Series Compatible 2 conductor (part# 2523334)
  • UT-2 Tamp Cable 700 Series YSI (part# 2199019)
  • PROSIM8-4402GECO Din cardiac Output Marq Eagle (part# 4022300)


HP/Philips Intellivue Cable Set (part# 3984922) for ProSim 8 includes:

  • HP-3 BP Cable (part# 2198902, two)
  • HPT-2 Tamp/C.O. Injct Cable Assembly (part# 2199257)
  • COA-1 Cable Assembly (part# 2199240)
  • UT-4,Low profile 1/4 inch phone plug
  • YSI 400 Series Compatible 2 conductor (part# 2523334)
3985009PS8 NK CABLES

Nihon Kohden Cable Set (part# 3985009) for ProSim 8 includes:

  • Nihon Kohden-NK-1, BP Cable (5M) (part# 2462263, two)
  • DIN to minDin adapter (part# 3408564)
  • UT-4, Low profile 1/4 inch phone plug
  • YSI 400 Series Compatible 2 conductor (part# 2523334)
3984910PS8 ACC KIT

ProSim 8 Accessory Kit (part# 3984910) includes:

  • DIN to minDin adapter (part# 3408564)
  • HP/Philips Intellivue IBP cable (part# 2198902)
  • GE Marquette Eagle/Dash/Solar IBP cable (part# 2199627)
  • Welch Allyn Propaq/SpaceLabs Ultraview IBP cable(part# 2198879)
  • USB wireless dongle (part# 3341333)
  • YSI400 series temperature cable (part# 2523334)
  • YSI700 series temperature cable (part# 2199019)
  • CI-3 Cardiac Output Box (part# 2392199)
  • spare battery pack (part# 4021085)
SpaceLabs Ultraview Cable Set (part# 3984946) for ProSim 8 includes:
  • TK-1 BP Cable (part# 2198879, two)
  • UT-4,Low profile 1/4 inch phone plug
  • YSI 400 Series Compatible 2 conductor (part# 2523334)
  • UT-2 Tamp Cable 700 Series YSI (part# 2199019
  • )CI-3 Cable Assembly (part# 2392199)


Welch Allyn/Propaq Cable Set (part# 3984979) for ProSim 8 includes:

  • TK-1 BP Cable (part# 2198879, two)
  • UT-4, Low profile 1/4 inch phone plug
  • YSI 400 Series Compatible 2 conductor (part# 2523334)
  • UT-2 Tamp Cable 700 Series YSI (part# 2199019)

Batteries, Chargers, Power Supplies

BPPS68 Battery Pack

ProSim 6/8 Battery Pack


4034393 Data Transfer cable

3010-0284 COA-1 Cardiac output adapter (part# 2199240)


ProSim8-4402GECO Cardiac Output Switch (part# 4022300)


UT-4 Low profile, ¼ in phone plug, YSI 400 series compatible, two conductor (part# 2523334 or 3015280)

Miscellaneous Accessories


CI-3 Cardiac output test module (part# 2392199)


MANDREL-5001 ProSim NIBP Mandrel Set (part# 4308086)

ProSim Chamber

NIBP Test 500ML Rigid Chamber (part# 4034611)

Carrying Cases


Carrying Case (part# 37780)

Datasheet Click to download

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