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Rigid Endoscope Tester DALE 301

The RigidScan is a highly versatile, easy-to-use instrument that is used to identify damage to the optical system of most rigid endoscopes constructed with rod lenses. Specifically, the RigidScan consists of a holding tube and a magnified lens, making it possible to hold and manipulate rigid endoscopes while checking for cracked lenses, foreign bodies, and dust on the lens surfaces.

Key Features

  • Incoming acceptance inspection performed
  • Simple to use Lightweight and compact
  • No light source or other accessories required
  • Pre-repair inspections to prevent unneeded repairs and save money
  • Post-repair inspections to verify a performed service or indicate if a repair was simply a “dusting-off”
  • Compatible with most rigid endoscopes
  • Compatible with common cameras for hard copy documentation to trend test or to compare and document service

The instrument has been designed for use by biomedical engineers, field service engineers, and third-party repair organizations as a portable troubleshooting instrument to diagnose fractures, mechanical damage, and dirt particles that may impair the quality of the viewed image of the endoscope.

Optical Design

  • Focal Length: 40mm 3%
  • Refraction:      25 dpt
  • Material:         PMMA (Plexiglass)
  • Diameter:       19mm
  • Maximum Diameter of Rigid Endoscope: <10mm

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