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Electrical Safety Analyzers

Test your medical devices to a wide variety of global standards, providing accurate and reliable results with Fluke Biomedical electrical safety analyzers. They will help you meet your medical device electrical safety testing requirements while ensuring patient safety.

ESA615 Electrical Safety Analyzer

The Fluke ESA615 Electrical Safety Analyzer brings fast and simple automated testing in the form of a portable analyzer to healthcare technology professionals that perform electrical safety testing on medical equipment both in the field and in facilities. Whether it

Fluke ESA620 Electrical Safety Analyzer

Ensure compliance with a wide array of global standards with the Fluke ESA620 Electrical Safety Analyzer. Complete with Ansur Test Automation for standardized testing and risk mitigation, ESA 620 is the preferred electrical safety test tool for IEC60601-1 compliance as

Fluke ESA612 Electrical Safety Analyzer

The Fluke ESA612 combines the power of a ECG simulator and electrical safety analyzer in a single rugged portable device. The ESA612 includes two electrical safety test load selections for global use, as well as one-button access to multiple applications.

ISA601 Pro Electrical Safety Tester Medical

The Fluke ISA601, a proven analyzer that meets stringent international standards. Ensure compliance to stringent international standards for electrical-safety testing for hospital and laboratory electromedical equipment with the 601 Pro SeriesXL Electrical Safety Analyzer. The 601 Pro SeriesXL is also

ULT800 Transducer Leakage Current Tester

Maximizing Patient Safety with the ULT800 System Test electrical safety of ultrasound transducers independent of their ultrasound machines with the ULT800 Ultrasound Transducer Leakage Tester, which has a variety of adapters that allow for testing of many different makes and


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