Gas Flow Analyzers

Test gas flow and respiratory medical equipment accurately, including ventilators, flow meters, endoscopic insufflators, suction devices, pressure gauges and anesthesia machines, especially when accuracy of low volume and pressure is crucial.

ACCU LUNG Precision Test Lungs

  Small, lightweight, and portable Calibrated accuracy for both resistance and compliance Complies with IEC standard for breathing- circuit connection Certified test lung for test system traceability to standards  

MaxO2 PLUS AE Oxygen Analyzer

The MAXO2+AE is an oxygen analyzer that measures the oxygen concentration in a flow of gas from a medical gas source or through a medical gas-flow device such as a ventilator or anesthesia system, or within an infant incubator. It

VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer

Designed for accuracy and portability, the VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer is a high quality, basic needs gas flow analyzer. Accurately test gas flow equipment including ventilators with the all-in-one, portable Fluke Biomedical VT650 Gas Flow Analyzer.

VT900 Gas Flow Analyzer

The Fluke Biomedical VT900 Gas Flow Analyzer is accurate, easy-to-use, reliable and portable. It is designed to accurately and reliably test all types of gas flow equipment especially those requiring high accuracy in ultra-low flow and ultra-low pressure measurements. Compact


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